So my step mom told me while I was away in the summer, she really wanted her lashes done before her sons wedding and didn’t want to bother me as I was scheduled to come back only a couple days before the wedding. So she took it upon herself to go elsewhere without consulting me first.
Well, what a horrible experience that turned out to be for her! I found out the place she chose is a place where I’ve actually had to fix a couple of other clients lashes that went there. It’s actually a popular place too unfortunately.
What did she learn? Consult with me first on where to go.
If your regular lash tech is unavailable, asking them for a referral is the best place to start. Even some of these so called popular places don’t always offer the best lash extensions. So many don’t understand what good lashes feel or look like. Most people get their first set somewhere and think “this is how it is, heavy feeling and uncomfortable after a week until the fill”. No this is not what lash extensions feel like. When applied properly, they feel light and almost like they aren’t there and will always feel like this unless you wait too long between fills and they start to grow out too much and may begin to twist.
Do. Your. Research. ..
So tell me, how do your lash extensions feel right now?

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